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Iya, I am very thankful for the session, I learned to trust my instincts and listen to the voice of my conscience telling me when it was kay to make a move.  Very interesting you felt I've been searching for a long time for a more spiritual way of living to bring harmony into my life and balance my energies. Again thank you for the gift.  Many hugs.

Sonia, 11/03/20

Thank you Iya Tilewa for your time and wonderful insight and live today! We had such a good day.  I am filled with gratitude.  I look forward to enroll into your coaching program.

Mary, 11/01/20

I never expected so much but this is real.  I know now where to focus my effort so I am not so aimless.  I plan to optimize results on my power days. C

Frankie, 05/22/20

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