Yeah, that's you.  I'll show you how not to navigate into the bullshit!

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Your Desires

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  • Challenge those who made "their boundaries" your business

  • Break through your own bullshit a.k.a paradigms

  • Build your spiritual repertoire so you can access your inner godzillow

  • Screw old dreams. Pimp that next ride instead

  • Grow a pair - and open avenues you never thought possible

  • Worship at the altar of your own creativity

Your Results

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  • Yes you tried - they talked your creativity to dust - so you settled for mediocre

  • You feel constant mental anguish and spiritual inertia

  • They called the "1000 steps" failure and you believed them too

  • You thought random results were the best you could ever achieve

  • Somewhere along the way you lost your true voice

  • You started something you could truly sink your teeth into but you quit... again


Work With Me

Together, we can bridge the gap between your dreams and your results if..
  • You finally had it with settling for bullshit, getting sucked into more bullshit and low-balling yourself with your own bullshit
  • You are ready to discard old dreams and pimp the ride that gets you to where you actually want to go
  • You want to implement a spiritual foundation at the core of finding & living your best life by your personal truth
  • You believe that there is more power in adopting the right sequence of steps then there is power in cultivating self-sabotaging ideas a.k.a paradigms a.k.a that bullshit
  • You want to get in touch with your inner godzillow, that place you know you can always tap into when you need answers
  • Your creativity has been compromised by all of the impositions upon your personal space - and you want it back that individual expression that says "I'm me and I still love me as I can only be"

Hear me out. The bullshit's real so let's shift this bad boy paradigm together!

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