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Intuitive Consultation Deep Dive

Powerful session. For those with major concerns or looking for change.

  • 2 hours
  • 199 US dollars
  • online

Service Description

The doorway to infinite knowledge and where lies the true wisdom of the ancestors can only be unlocked through an advanced yet ancient African technology via the use of the sacred African Cowrie Shells. The Intuitive Consultation Deep Dive is a powerful technique that combines skills in African Cowrie shell divination combined with psychic life coaching. Steeped in fascinating history and tribal tradition, cowrie shells were once a popular form of currency in Africa and in parts of Asia. They were also fashioned as intricate jewelry worn by African Kings and queens. So revered were the shells in ancient Egypt, they were considered as magical agents and millions of shells were uncovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs. In West Africa, the African cowrie shells are still revered and used in the most advanced divinatory techniques to access the infinite wisdom of the ancestors. At the hands of a skilled priest or priestess, very little of a person's life and destiny remains hidden. As every decision or even can affect a person's karmic trajectory, regular consultation are advised, especially before making important life decisions. This is as a way to avoid major pain and disappointment. Often a sacrifice or an offering is required at the end of a cowrie shell reading to either placate negative forces or to open doorways to good fortune. This is dictated by the numerical signature of the reading. Sacrifice/offerings: Dictated by the signature of the reading. This is personal to the reader being read. A sacrifice could be in the form of a spiritual bath or prayer that you can do at home. Other times an offering requested in the form of fruits or flowers to the deity. If anything more advanced is requested, we will then discuss travel arrangements. Length of reading: The length is dictated by the numerical signature of the reading according to the situation faced by the reader. Once the oracle is open it cannot be closed. We advise all clients to plan for 2 hours. Preparation for reading - Diviner: The diviner requires 40 minutes to prepare before each session. This is built into the price. Preparation for reading - Client: We advise this but it is optional. Refrain from eating meat for 24-48 hours before the reading and to wear light-colored clothing. Also observe a bit of quiet time before the reading.

Cancellation Policy

Please give us 24 hour notice for cancelation. Remember that our time is as valuable as yours. If you cancel less then 24 hours before our time, we charge $50 fee.

Contact Details

Florida, USA

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