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Iya Tilewa helps you bridge the gap between your desires and your resultsresults

Work With Me

The paradigm are the internalized thoughts, ideas,
beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that hold you back. 
Literally, the bullshit.

Let's get your mindset and spirit right!

Discovery Call - 15 Min - Free

Let's chat and see if we are a match. I am happy to answer your questions.

Intuitive Consultation - 45 min  - $95  

Prepare to be amazed with Intuitive Consultation.  These readings are meant to be both transformative and affirming for the clients.  Iya Tilewa delivers richness in detail and accuracy that you have not experienced from regular tarot readers.   This session is both psychic and intuitive.


Tools used:

  • May use Psychic divination without focus tools

  • May use tarot cards as a focus tool 


  • Intuitive Consultation Deep Dive session is recommended for serious matters or concerns beyond the ordinary. Answers that often come with life-changing truth.

  • Intuitive Consultation Deep Dive uses sacred African cowrie shells to open the doorway to infinite knowledge and where lies the true wisdom of the ancestors.

Intuitive Consultation Deep Dive  - 2hrs  - $149  ($250 value)

I am a priestess of the Yoruba tradition trained in the shamanic arts to work the Holy Oracles of the Orisas.  The Orisas are the redeeming bodies of the universal consciousness.  They are full of love and compassion.  They are eager to provide guidance and eager to assist in the evolution of mankind..  


The Intuitive Consultation Deep Dive is life-transforming and life-affirming for both myself and my clients.  Furthermore, there can exist no falsehood or dishonesty when dealing with Orisa energy.  This means that I can't bullshit my clients and make up fancy stories to hook them.  My motivation is always wellbeing, Alaafia.

It is an honor always for me to speak with Orisa.  You too will understand and gain great appreciation for those loving energies.


How this works:

  • In these sessions, spirits speak first.  You ask questions after you have heard all that they needed to inform you of.

  • These are highly energetic readings.  A good 30-40 minutes is required for me to mentally and physically prepare prior to you coming online.  This reflects in the price.

  • The Cowrie shells is the tool I use to facilitate communication between your spirits and mine.  This produces a distinctive karmic signature.

  • In these sessions, spirits speak first.  You ask questions after you have heard all that they needed to inform you of.  

  • The signature that is produced is numerical and highly accurate.  It informs on where you are in your life on both spirit and physical plane.  It reveals with great accuracy the actors that cause obstacles in your life, the opportunities available to you to remediate those obstacles.  It prescribes medicine for love, health, healing or for manifesting prosperity.  

  • If any spiritual intervention is needed,  I will arrange to meet face-to-face at a suitable location.

  • After the spirits speak, you may now ask your questions if those were not intuitively answered.  (This often happens when there were more pressing matters that the spirits wanted to call your attention to.  For example, you may have come to ask about a lover.  The spirit may detect a physical illness that requires medical intervention.  So they will speak to that as it's a more pressing situation.)

  • The session takes place via Zoom or via Whatsapp.  

Guidance for you:

  • Wear light colored clothing for the session

  • Avoid eating meat for 24-48 hours prior to the session

  • Avoid arguments or upsetting situations, if possible, prior to the session. 


The guidance above is so you too are mentally prepared and receptive.


Highly recommended:

Cowrie shell reading will change your life and outlook on life.  It is highly energetics and transformative.  I recommend to anyone to have at least 1 cowrie shell reading per year.  If you have never had one,  get one with me right away.  The goal is to avoid major pain and setbacks. 

Tarot cards are cool and provide easy-to-get answers on the light side.  I offer tarot readings only to existing clients in between cowrie shell readings.

Godzillow Awake 1+1 - 2 months @  $1,200  ($2,500 value)

Godzillow Awake 1+1 is not life coaching.  We are more practical then that.  This is about you connecting with your intuitive spiritual life force your way and using that to achieve success your way.  I am just a guide on the journey.


Life isn't about learning limits.  It's about exploring your strength and aptitudes and creating the attitudes around them that guarantee success.  My motivation is always wellbeing, Alaafia.

How it works:

  • Let's find your bullshit and any bullshit that stand in the way of you manifesting your will. 

  • Learn to tap into your inner godzillow to reawaken your creative juice. 

  • You will find that you too have knowing and manifesting abilities.  I call it godzillow.

  • We look inward to your center of resilience to overcome/avoid trauma and pain.

  • We meet via Zoom or Whatsap 3 times over 1 month period.   Each session lasts 1 hour. 

  • I provide email support in between sessions and 15 days thereafter.

Focus points:

  • Godzillow, your powerhouse

  • Mindful Living

  • Growth Mindset

  • Career Growth

  • Relationships

  • Addictions

  • Vision of Success

  • Sudden Life Changes

  • Channeling Creativity

  • Supportive Spiritual Rituals

  • Prayers & Chants

  • Conversation With Your Spirit Guides


The Intuitive Consultationt Deep Dive is highly recommended but not required for this program.  We offer a discount if you choose to combine the two. For existing clients, I do a quick 30 min tarot card reading. Tarots are always a fun conversation piece.

Reiki Trauma Healing - 45 min

Heal old wounds and trauma through long distance touch therapy where we combine advanced healing techniques to engage the mind, body & spirit into healing itself.  We effectively use Reiki, electromagnetic healing and powerful manifestation prayers to get you well. Period.  


Each method is great but none is sufficient.  The 3 pronged creates healing synergy where trauma happened:

  • Specific sites of the body in the case of physical pain, injury or ailment

  • Mind and spirit for victims of emotional trauma, violent abuse,  substance abuse or spiritual attack


Ever wonder why no matter how successful you become in your own right, you still experience mental setbacks such as fear and anxiety that take you back on old habits?  Old habits can be physically or mentally visiting self-harm upon ourselves, sabotaging a great career or relationship or worse second-guessing yourself.

Ever wonder why you experience paralyzing triggers you can't shake?  and isolate from those who could help you?  Somewhere along the way, if you are honest, you realize you don't ever truly give in to good moments.

Yet you have made something of yourself.  You worked so hard for it.  Still you struggle under the weight of the past.  Maybe to cover for what you lack, you give more of yourself then you should.

I am with you because I know too well what that feels like.  I have been there.  That is why I am here providing healing services.  

It is well accepted that people who hurt either want to harm others or they want to help others.   The problem with causing harm is that it adds to the cycles of abuse not just upon victims but also upon perpetrators.   It is an inescapable counterreaction.  

Now more then ever, kindness is needed in this world.  I am not a mental health professional.  I am a person who felt pulled towards the healing arts. I became a healer.  In healing others, as a habit, I heal myself.  And the cycle of healing grows with each of us who heal.

Tapping & Laser boost electromagetic healing:

  • It is time humans come to realize that we are not simple flesh and bone bodies. And we are not just "spirits having spiritual experiences"...whatever that means.  We are much more then resilient and able. 

  • We hold within us a powerhouse of universes that connect us to the greater universes and beyond.  The ignorance of our own infinite power is in fact a paradigm in and of itself.

  • I call this powerhouse godzillow for we too have knowing and manifesting abilities.

  • Our bodies can heal itself.  Our mind holds the memory of how to unlock that healing power

  • I place a doll within a magnetic grid with a laser beam focusing on the area of the body where you feel most discomfort

  • I tap to release blocked energies and stagnating body fluids that cause inflammation and disease.

Reiki healing:

  • The ancient people of the Africa all the way to the Oriental world spoke about the universes of energy humans hold within themselves.  The Yorubas, the Egyptians, The Nubians all wrote about this.

  • This was a highly researched topic 4,000 years ago that was lost to time and are now resurfacing because our modern world has depleted our energies.

  • When they say Reiki is a Japanese technique, we really are omitting the civilizations of Africa that pioneered advanced science and medicine.

  • Anyhow, this is a "laying of hands" technique that reduces stress and induces relaxation.  Thereby, promotes healing.

  • If your life force energy is low, the body and mind become sick and ill.  It creates stress and anxiety and an inability to focus. 

  • I supercharge your energy centers with more energy flow to help your body and mind heal

  • You will feel healthier and better right away

I will teach you techniques, such as tapping, mantras and meditation to maintain your health. and wellbeing.  Alaafia.

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