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We were taught to fear ourselves. 
So, naturally, we dismissed the countless
universes we hold within.

This sacred gift, I call it godzillow, is what we barter when
we sell our dreams for pennies.

There is much to contend with in our man-made multiverse: duty vs responsibility vs individuality vs gunning for the hills and leave all the bullshit behind


In the thick of it, there comes this critical part where you try to reconcile the time when you knew exactly who you were and the moment you went into a tailspin and thought a self-help book would bring it all back. 

Becoming more empowered

and aware is only the start of the journey.

For all of us who have gone through something harsh, thousands of inspirational books are published each year in both print or electronic form.  Are you weight conscious?  No worries, there is a gym and a Jenny Craig at every corner too.  Sound logic would dictate that resources for the weight conscious and the despairing would dwindle as people become more empowered and aware.  But the inverse happens.  We become fatter and more desperate.


Many of these problems began at an early age when we were groomed to look outward for the answers and the solutions to our ills.  


Then something magical happened. 

People like you and I shifted!


We just woke up and realized that we needed to look within ourselves to fix our lives and find true happiness.  "As above, so below " slogan transformed into  "As above, so within ".


Why else bother to exist if all we are

to remain are empty shells?

When the shift happened, the mindfullness movement caught on.  A whole lot of people needed emotional and spiritual healing and they needed to thrive in the unfamiliar place where they came to stand.  The crossroad. 

The mindfulness industry perpetuates

false truths and illusions of success!

The mindfullness movement was a welcoming embrace but, like everything man-made, someone looked to capitalize on it.  The search to connect with our most intimate self turned into a billion-dollar industry churning catchy feel-good phrases on glossy pages by expensive-looking people who seemingly have their shit together.

So we are back here again having another allergic reaction to people telling us who we ought to be and what we ought to see when we look at ourselves.

Only because you hold something glorious within,

they want your light!

You probably think that you lost touch with your childlike creativity, having gone through all the eye-shutting experiences you've had to survive. You probably feel too old to start anew, too slow to run fast, too heavy to leap up into the air.  You probably feel that you already gave away the very best of yourself.  And now, you probably concluded you need to make due with what you got left.


Am calling you out on bullshit!

Let me show you how to
ditch that bullshit paradigm and
get what you actually want!
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Iya Tilewa, Founder

Spiritual Healer & Guide

Image by Helena Lopes
Happy Couple

Iya Tilewa, Founder

Spiritual Healer & Guide

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